Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most.  If there is any of your questions not answered, please contact us here.

Castor Oil

Is the Castor Oil you sell Organic?

Yes, the Castor Oil we offer is Organic, Cold Pressed and Hexane-Free.

Does it matter whether the Castor Oil is bottled in plastic or glass?

Yes, it does matter. Castor Oil should always be packaged in dark glass bottles to prevent plastic particles leaching into the oil. This helps maintain the oil's purity and quality.

What safety precautions should be taken when using Castor Oil?

To ensure safety, its important to keep Castor Oil out of reach of children and store it in a cool, dark place. These precautions help prevent accidental ingestion and maintain the oil's quality.

Castor Oil Packs

Does the Castor Oil Compress Pack have any polyurethane fabric in pack?

No, we do not make use of Polyurethane fabric or any other related plastic material in the manufacturing of the pack. We as a business made a conscious choice not to use polyurethane fabric as the fabric is toxic to one’s body.

Will the use of Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs stain my clothing and bedding?

There is a high probability your clothes will stain especially when the Castor Oil Pack is used quite often. Please note the packs does not the Polyurethane fabric which aids as waterproof barrier to prevent leakages.

Is heat in the form of hot water bottles of heat pack recommended to be used with The Castor Oil Goddess castor oil pack?

Yes you can the choice is definitely yours. Please be careful with the heat too close your skin.

Where can I use The Castor Oil Goddess castor oil pack?

The castor oil pack can be used on your liver, thyroid, back, lower and upper abdomen including anywhere there is aches and pains.

Can Castor Oil Packs be shared between people?

From a hygiene perspective it is not recommended to share ones Castor Oil Pack.

How do I use my Castor Oil Pack received from The Castor Oil Goddess?
  • When you receive the Castor Oil Pack, please wash the pack per the washing instructions provided before using the pack.
  • Lay the castor oil pack on a flat surface.
  • Depending on the size you use you can take 1 – 2 tablespoons and place this in the middle of the pack away from the seams and straps.
  • Fold the castor oil pack in half and gently rub the pack with the oil, allowing the oil to be evenly spread over the pack.
    Place the Castor Oil pack on the area where you require attention.
  • Please be careful with your clothing and bedding should you decide to sleep with the castor oil pack overnight.
  • Please ensure you wearing clothing you don’t mind getting damaged should the oil leak through the pack.
  • Please ensure you have a mattress protector and using bath towels to prevent and clothing or bedding to being soiled.

Place an Order

How do I place orders?
  • All orders should be placed on the webpage.
  • Please call us or e-mail us and we will verbally assist, or +27 (0)72689 2936.
How do I place an order through the The Castor Oil Goddess website?
  • Search the product on the website that you would like to order by browsing using the navigation menu.
  • When you find the product that you interested in ordering, add the product to your Cart by clicking the ‘ADD to Cart” button. Note that some products have different variations such as sizes and colors. If the product you are ordering has the variations, click on the respective variations you prefer.
  • When you have completed your selection of products that you would like to purchase, click on the “Cart” icon at the top right-hand corner, and click on the “View Cart & Checkout” button.
  • You will be directed to add in your Delivery Address, upon completing this you will be directed to choosing your Delivery Method. Your order can select either: Door-to-Door Courier Delivery (7 working days). Please note if you have placed an order with us before, upon clicking "VIEW CART & CHECKOUT" you will be sent directly to selecting your Shipping Method, if you wish you change your delivery address, you can toggle back using the tabs at the top of the page. Simply click on 1. Delivery Address.
  • You will then be redirected to the Payment page where you can select a payment method.
  • Please click on the “Complete Order” button. Once this order has been processed you will be given an order number.
  • Please call us or e-mail us or call us at or +27 (0)726892936.We will guide you telephonically or via e-mail on how to complete the order via website.
Can I add to my order?
  • Once your order has been placed and paid for, we will unfortunately not be able to add or remove any items to or from your order.
  • You can place a new order for the additional goodies wanted, however you will be prompted to pay for delivery.


How can payments be made?

You will be prompted to make payment using the Credit Card/Debit Card. Immediate payments are securely processed.


Can my order be collected from your store?

We are an online store with no physical store where you can collect your order.


How will my order be delivered?

All orders will be delivered via the selected courier company.

What happens if there is an item missing from my order when delivered?

Call us on +27 (0)726892936 or email our customer support team on with your order number and details of the product/products not received and we will gladly assist in sorting this out for you.

What happens if I order an item that is out of stock?

There is a possibility that you may order a product that we are temporarily out of stock of. If this happens, we will contact you within one working day to notify you and to give you options e.g., swap for another similar product or get a refund on the product that is out of stock.

What process do I follow with items received that have been damaged during transit?

Please refer to the Shipping Policy.

Do you ship The Castor Oil Goddess products internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally, Please refer to the Shipping Policy.

Refunds & Returns

What is The Castor Oil Goddess's refund & return policy?

Please refer to the Refund & Returns Policy.